Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Citizenship: A Case Study as Represented in a Sample of South African Life Orientation Textbooks

Author: Cheryl Potgieter & Finn Reygan
Created: 2012
Country South Africa
Organisation University of KwaZulu-Natal
Type Journal Article
Format pdf
Extent 13 pages
Original Publication
Owner Cheryl Potgieter & Finn Reygan
Over the past two decades, sexual citizenship has emerged as a new form of citizenship. In South Africa, the rights of LGBTI people have been institutionalised in legislation, and research has begun to consider how educators may facilitate a more inclusive school environment for LGBTI youth. Given the focus of the Department of Education on social justice, the present study examines how selected secondary-level Life Orientation textbooks represent and construct LGBTI identities.
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